Day 15 Tatopani to Ghorepani

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About 10 minutes south of Tatopani, the path crosses a bridge over the Kali Gandaki to its left bank and then crosses another bridge over its tributary the Ghar Khola. Just after this bridge turn steeply uphill just to the left of a building. It looks like a path into the owner's back garden.

Slog up the hill steeply for 300 metres until you reach the crest of the ridge. The view up the Ghar Khola valley towards Ghorepani is dramatically revealed here. Stop here at the tea house for a rest and to admire the view (50 minutes). Climb less steeply for another 500 metres to Sikha (3 hours 30 minutes). The path is paved most of the way with what appears to be marble. Phalante (4 hours 20 minutes) is mentioned in the origin myth of the Thakali people. The four Thakali ancestors turned back here when they were unable to find their way to the Ghorepani pass. They were probably discouraged by the never ending ascent.

 Chitre ( 4 hours 50 minutes) is a little further on. Here the path forks. Take the right hand uphill fork by a building. From here it is a 600 metre steady uphill ascent through the endless rhododendron forest past the electricity pylons to Ghorepani. Ghorepani village (6 hours) is in the col of the Ghorepani pass. There is an abundant choice of hotels. There is a police post and ACAP visitors room.

The view from Ghorepani and Poon Hill above is one of the best on the circuit. The Himalayan chain between Dhauligiri and Manaslu can be clearly seen on a fine day. Many people ascend Poon Hill in the morning before to get a good view of the mountains. However the view of Machhupuchhare is disappointing in the morning as the sun rises behind it. The view of Dhaulagiri with the rising sun shining on it is magnificent. On a clear evening, the view of Machhupuchhare from here would be magnificent.

 Copyright Ian P Johnson October 1998